Salt Lake City UT 2018

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  • The following photographers contributed their time and images of this years conference. Since we are all volunteers, please try to credit the appropriate photographer when using their images. Note: These images may be used by any PSA Member for Newsletters, Websites, Publications etc. and you may edit and print them as needed. 
    • To View the Images, click on any of the Galleries.
    • To Download an Image, right click on an image and choose the Down Load Linked File option.
  • The file name will include initials of a photographer i.e. PSA SLC UT_ MW 2018_0001. Here is a key to the photographers:
    • Marty Welter = MW
    • Richard Lynch = RL
    • Martin Bauer = MB
  • Pictures from Truman Holtzclaw Click Here

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